Is it fungal nail?

Fungal nail is one of the more common treatment enquiries we receive. However, in many cases the issue is something other than fungal nail. For example, it might be damage from trauma or footwear, extensive use of false nails or nail polish, or medical conditions like psoriasis. So, how do we find out?

With fungal nail, you usually see the following:

  • Discolouration – this can be white, black, green or yellow
  • Thickening – the nail may not start out thicker but over time it can become misshapen and harder to cut, which can cause pain when cutting or when wearing shoes
  • Debris – matter can appear from under your nail, which is often really difficult to remove

The only way to be sure that your nail is fungal – and to find out what type of fungus it is – is to test it. You can ask your GP to send a nail sample for testing, or you can get it tested in clinic. For £40, we can test your nail in clinic at your first appointment and give you a reliable diagnosis in just 5 minutes. At 97% accuracy, the test is much more accurate than the GP test, and doesn’t require a very large sample.

Clinical guidelines and research confirm that testing should always be done before starting any treatment. This helps to rule out other conditions and to save you wasting time and money on the wrong treatments.

Choosing the right treatment

Before visiting the clinic, most patients have already tried at least one over the counter fungal nail treatment without success. Many of these non-prescription treatments claim to be the best, however they’re rarely strong enough to have an effect.

The best treatment plan for you will depend on the results of your microbiology test, appearance of your nail and your treatment history. This could include prescribed topical agents, laser treatment or Clearanail – for more information, see our blog.

Clearanail: the most up-to-date technology on the market today

After reviewing a number of different treatments, we invested in UK-manufactured Clearanail Pro® Fungal Nail Treatment, which offers a 70% success rate. Clearanail is a painless micro-cutting system which involves drilling several tiny holes into the nail – above the layer of the skin – to make the nail more porous. This part of the procedure takes about 30 minutes, depending on the number of nails affected.

Clearanail probe on foot

Our Clearanail package includes your first micro-cutting appointment and the first bundle of topical products you need to kill the fungus. In some more severe cases, you may require an additional micro-cutting appointment which is charged separately. After this, the nail will grow out with a better appearance. Don’t worry, we’ll take photos at each appointment to record the improvements.

Do you think you might have fungal nail? Give us call on 01635 791301 or book online to get a definitive diagnosis and start a treatment plan that’s right for you.

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