Clearanail Pro® Fungal Nail Treatment

Introducing Clearanail Pro® Fungal Nail Treatment

Have you got fungal nails which are not responding to treatment? We can offer you the most up-to-date, highly effective technology on the market today – Clearanail Pro®.

Have you got fungal nails which are not responding to treatment?

Why are fungal nails so hard to treat?

  1. Nails aren’t very porous.
  2. The fungus can cause nails to thicken and discolour.

Therefore, when over-the-counter treatments are applied to the nail, they often can’t penetrate and treat the whole infection.

How does Clearanail Pro® tackle this problem?

Clearanail Pro® is a UK-manufactured podiatry machine, which allows the podiatrist to drill very precise tiny holes into an infected nail, giving deeper access to the areas of infection without damaging the nail bed beneath. An antifungal agent is then applied daily to kill off the fungus deep inside the nail.

Does it hurt?

This very clever machine is designed to stop cutting before it reaches skin, so it is completely pain-free. It doesn’t matter how thick the nail is.

What’s the success rate?

Clearanail Pro® is almost 80% successful in treating common nail fungus. Results are usually visible in 2-8 weeks.

  • Clearanail Pro® success rate80%80%

Why choose West Berkshire Foot Clinic and Clearanail Pro®?

  • Latest technology: in October 2019 we upgraded to the latest, market-leading Clearanail® product, Clearanail Pro®.
  • Effective treatment: almost 80% treatment success.
  • Painless: only the nail is penetrated.
  • Safe: the technology has an integrated fully automated fail safe system.
  • Clean: we use single use components to prevent cross-infection.
  • Fungal nail test: a test can confirm the presence and type of fungus, helping us tailor our treatment accordingly.
  • Take-home products: as part of the treatment package, we offer a range of products for your skin, nail and shoes.
  • Specialist after-care advice: we give you tips on how to prevent any further fungal skin and nail infections.


What do I do next?

If you are interested in booking an initial appointment for Clearanail Pro® book now

Follow up appointments are necessary to review and/or treat the nail further.

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What people are saying:

“More than 2 years ago I developed a fungal infection in both of my big toe nails. For a while I tried off the counter remedies with no success. I then visited a chiropodist on and off and tried a different off the shelf treatment – again without success. Then, about 7 months ago I was put in touch with Louise. Fantastic results. Not only has the fungal infection virtually disappeared already but following Louise’s advice my feet are in the best condition overall that I can remember. If you need a professional podiatrist who gets results, then get in touch with Louise at the West Berkshire Foot Clinic. Thoroughly recommended.”

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