Fungal Nails 

Fungal nail infections affect more than 30% of the population. They can present as a discoloured, thickened toenail. Fungal nails aren’t going to kill you but they can lead to cellulitis and other foot conditions, particularly in people who have other medical illnesses, such as diabetes. Most commonly though, they are unsightly and can even cause pain. Many people we treat come to us after several failed attempts at treating with over-the-counter treatments.


The only way to effectively diagnose a fungal nail is through microbiology testing. Previously, this was completed by the GP, results took six weeks, and the sensitivity was poor. A new, highly sensitive, test is now available. We are delighted to be able to offer this to our patients. The test is quick and 97% accurate. From this, a tailored plan can be put in place to treat your fungal nail.


Because fungal nails are notoriously hard to treat, some of the topical agents available without prescription just aren’t strong enough to have an effect. In some cases – despite the appearance of the nail – it isn’t caused by a fungus, or the fungus isn’t susceptible to the active ingredients in most fungal nail treatments. 

At West Berkshire Foot Clinic we prescribe the best treatment plan depending on the results of your microbiology test, appearance of nail and history of previous treatments. This could include prescribed topical agents, clearanail or laser treatment. Make sure you read our blog for more information.

Because fungal nails are notoriously hard to treat, many of the topical agents just aren’t strong enough to have an effect.

I have been seeing Louise for a number of years. I have type 2 diabetes and have to be careful with my feet. Louise is very caring and has given me very good advice on how to care for feet. She removes hard skin from my feet and cuts my toe nails. I would recommend her to anyone.

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