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At West Berkshire Foot Clinic, we provide a thorough, top quality Podiatry Service to meet all of your footcare needs. Our aim is to have you leaving the clinic walking on air!

We know how much that foot problems and pain can stop you enjoying life: they can impact on your daily activities and footwear choices. With many years’ experience resolving people’s footcare needs, getting them pain-free and back to the everyday activities they enjoy and being rated one of the top 3 Podiatry clinics in Newbury you know you can trust us!

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What do we treat?

At West Berkshire Foot Clinic, we investigate the cause of the problem from which you are suffering – and then we treat it, using the latest in research-led treatments that provide the best success rates available.

NEW! Swift Verruca Treatment

Have you got a stubborn verruca which will not respond to treatment? Have you got a painful verruca stopping you from enjoying life? Then look no further than the newest in technology, quickest, easiest and most effective treatment – swift®.

Our Clinic

Set in the picturesque surroundings of West Berkshire, near to local bus routes for Thatcham and Newbury. There is plenty of parking, including disabled spaces which are immediately outside…

What People are saying:

I have been seeing Louise for a number of years. I have type 2 diabetes and have to be careful with my feet. Louise is very caring and has given me very good advice on how to care for feet. She removes hard skin from my feet and cuts my toe nails. I would recommend her to anyone.

“More than 2 years ago I developed a fungal infection in both of my big toe nails. For a while I tried off the counter remedies with no success. I then visited a chiropodist on and off and tried a different off the shelf treatment – again without success. Then, about 7 months ago I was put in touch with Louise. Fantastic results. Not only has the fungal infection virtually disappeared already but following Louise’s advice my feet are in the best condition overall that I can remember. If you need a professional podiatrist who gets results, then get in touch with Louise at the West Berkshire Foot Clinic. Thoroughly recommended.”

Our Latest Blog Posts

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Have I got fungal nails?

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