Swift® Verruca Treatment

Introducing Swift® Verruca Treatment

Have you got a stubborn verruca which will not respond to treatment? Then look no further than the newest in technology, quickest, easiest and most effective treatment – swift®. Our Podiatrist Louise has been using this treatment successfully since it was launched in 2016.

Have you got a stubborn verruca which will not respond to treatment?

“I’ve suffered with verruca’s since the age of 10, I’m now 25 and I have tried every method, treatment and podiatrist possible with no luck. Louise has managed after several treatments to completely get rid of my cluster of verruca’s!! I’m so grateful to you Louise, you had every faith that they would go and I couldn’t have been in better hands. Louise has that very rare ability of being professional, extremely knowledgeable and reassuring in equal measure to being kind, welcoming, warm and honest. Thank you for everything Louise.” – July 2022

What is swift® and how does it work?

Developed in the UK, swift® uses microwave energy to treat the verruca in a very precise and controlled way. Treatment takes up to 10 seconds per verruca. The main benefit is unlike many of the alternative treatments: there is no need for any anaesthetic or dressings, and you can continue to your normal activities straight away.

The microwave energy is delivered directly to the verruca at a predetermined depth. This means that, unlike other treatments, there is no damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. It heats the skin by around 4 degrees, targeting the water molecules and destroying the infected viral cells.

Is it safe?

Microwaves have been used in clinics for over 30 years, particularly in cancer treatments. They cannot cause damage to the DNA of living things, due to the DNA structure. So, much like the microwave in your kitchen, swift® is entirely safe!

How successful is it?

Unlike other treatments available (acids, cryotherapy, needling), swift® targets the cells which cause the verruca. This creates an immune response. Because of this, it has the highest success rate of all of the treatments available.


At West Berkshire Foot Clinic, we offer swift® as a package of three treatments. This is recommended by the manufacturer and has been shown to give the best results. These are spaced four weeks apart. Each treatment is up to 10 seconds per verruca treated in two-second blasts. There is some slight discomfort experienced, likened to a bee sting. This dissipates immediately and you are able to continue normal activities straight away.  Occasionally, additional treatments are required – particularly with long-standing verrucae. These can be purchased separately if needed.


What People are saying:

After well over 10 years with a verruca, following multiple failed home remedy and OTC attempts to get rid of it, Louise and her microwave treatment sessions have finally managed to solve this problem! It’s been such a relief to finally be able to walk around bare foot, and to now not have to walk awkwardly whenever I was barefoot previously! The treatment is itself is notably more expensive than OTC remedies, however I do not regret spending the money on it one bit, as it’s made such a big difference to my day-to-day life to finally not have the verruca. The treatment is a little painful, stings quite a bit, but that literally only lasts seconds. Great experience overall and couldn’t recommend high enough.” – July 2022

“We originally saw Louise about ten months ago about a stubborn verruca on my daughter’s foot. We had tried other verucca treatments without success and my daughter was feeling really frustrated about not being able to get rid of it. From the outset, Louise was knowledgeable, encouraging but also realistic in setting expectations that the SWIFT treatment would not necessarily be a rapid cure. In total, my daughter had three SWIFT treatments with check ups along the way. Louise explained in detail about how the verucca was starting to heal and answered all our questions. She also reassured us that she would not sign us off until she was sure the verruca had gone – thankfully it now has to everyone’s relief. I’d highly recommend Louise as a professional, approachable and supportive podiatrist. Thank you again – you really have a super podiatry practice.” – October 2021

“Thank you for recommending the Swift treatment for my verruca. After years of going for foot treatments at beauty therapists being told my hard skin was due to underlying health condition, on visiting You it was diagnosed as a verruca.  I was initially hesitant about having the Swift treatment and started with a chemical treatment before then deciding to use Swift. I so wish I had undertaken this treatment initially as today less than 5 months after the initial treatment the verrucae have gone and my foot is smooth where verruca had been. My foot feels and looks a thousand times better, and actually the cost of the treatment is probably the same or less than all the beauty therapist treatments over the years. Another bonus my shoes won’t wear unevenly where the hard skin was.” – February 2021

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