They are so simple right? – slip them on, no bending or stretching, and don’t they prevent fungal infections because the air gets to your feet? Delve a little deeper – you may find your flip flops could be the cause of that problem you developed last year.

Flip Flops

Think of the picture. It’s a warm sunny day. Everyone (well most people) have a smile on their face and dressed in shorts and t shirts. Look down to their feet. I bet 75% of the people you see will be wearing flip flops of some description, even if their feet aren’t in the best state to be put on such a public display!

So here are 6 reasons why flip flops aren’t the best footwear choice this summer:

  1. Flip Flops have very little support, your foot is unable to function in a natural manor. If your foot can’t function naturally, your knees and hips cant which can put added strain to your back. Most common conditions associated are undiagnosed heel pain. These are often caused by strain and over use of the muscles in your leg and foot.
  2. Flip Flops give very little stability due to the “fastening” (or lack of) on this style of shoe. This means our toes have to curl to grip the shoe to stay on our foot. Over time this can lead to unsightly hammer toes.
  3. Having your toes exposed in flip flops can cause injury to toes. This is especially the case because your foot isn’t secure in a slip on shoe. All I will say is “lawnmower” and I’m sure that is enough to send shivers down your spine!
  4. Wearing flips flops causes the skin around our heels particularly to become dry and crack. This cracking can be painful and make you vulnerable to infection.
  5. Wearing flip flops exposes our skin to more germs and dirt . If there are cracks in the skin you will be more susceptible to infections.
  6. It is a complete myth that you are less likely to get athletes foot wearing flip flops. Yes your feet are less likely to sweat, but as they are more exposed to other germs and bacteria you are much more likely to get an infection than in closed in shoes.
Flip Flop pool

Never say never

We aren’t saying never wear them – I’m the first one to hop into a pair once that sun is shining but wear them where it appropriate to – on holiday, around the pool, by the beach. There are better suited shoes for tasks such as gardening, running for a bus, shopping or being worn for long periods of time!

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