The amount of times we hear this through the year! We like to think our patients feel they leave our clinic like they have a “new pair of feet!”

Check out our top 5 tips for your feet this season!

So what might be causing your foot pain?

Nail problem

Just had a manicure and pedicure ready for Christmas? Having nails cut too short or cut into the corners can cause in growing toenails which can be very painful. Try and avoid cutting the nail in a curved fashion following the shape of the toe and cut straight across.


Those beautiful stilettos can cause stress fractures, neuromas, injuries, callus build up, hammer toes, and bursitis to name just a few! Try and stick to lower heels or flat shoes when you are walking longer distances or dancing the night away!

Shoes that are too narrow can cause corns and callus on the toes where your feet are squashed into the shoe. Stick to shoes with a wide area for your toes. Try this trick – get someone to draw around your foot barefoot and then put the shoe you intend to wear on top of the footprint. If you can see any drawing of your foot the shoe is too narrow!

For more tips check out our blog 7 tips for finding the right shoes!


It is dangerous don’t you know! – Have you started that new year resolution already or been doing more exercise to get into that LBD? If so are you warming up and warming down including stretching? If not you run the risk of developing a condition called plantar fasciitis. Make sure you do correct stretches before and after exercise to prevent damage.

Eaten too much?

Gaining weight puts more pressure on the structures in our feet. It also puts more strain on our shoes to support our feet!

Back pain?

Pulled a muscle in your back from dancing at the Christmas party? Back and knee pain can also cause problems with our feet (and the other way around!). Walking abnormally to compensate for pain can trigger further problems elsewhere!

If you are suffering with any foot pain, call us at West Berkshire Foot clinic and see if we can give you a “new pair of feet” for Christmas.

(Disclaimer:  we can’t actually give you a new pair of feet but we make a good go at making the ones you have got look and feet better!)

Warm wishes,


Director of West Berkshire Foot Clinic

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